JOYrney Daily Membership Group

Ever wish you could drop everything to just enjoy a day of FREEDOM and PLAY?

Create more: time, energy, and space for yourself so you can rediscover the things that “light you up” with JOY

... ONE "feel good" thing at a time

Develop new relationships with cool women on a mission in your area, and connect with other moms across the country!  Participation includes: programs, virtual meetings, and in-person events to promote professional/personal development with an emphasis on self-care and wellness.


  • MONTHLY: Hiking, Book Club, Virtual Fiesta (online member meet-up)

  • SIGNATURE EVENTS:  Float Therapy Workshops, Disco-Skating, Bowling, 3-day Glamping Retreat, Talent Night, and Mommy-and-Me Vision Board ParTEA!, and Spa Days

Women with Sparklers

If you've been looking for a moment to take a break (and an excuse to treat yourself) this is it!  JOYrney To Purpose™: Daily is a private accountability group and event series curated by JOY Strategist & Creative Consultant, Erica Lasan aimed at building up busy women and mothers by:

Teaching tools and resources to create more: time, energy, and space in your life so you can rediscover the things that “light you up” with JOY

... ONE "feel good" thing at a time

  • Cultivating community and authentic relationships with other moms (locally and across the country)

  • Promoting wellness (through relaxation and self-care)

  • Encouraging personal development and self-discovery

  • Sharing tools and resources to elevate your motherhood JOYrney and your personal JOYrney as a woman

  • Support, trainings, workshops  and membership experiences to amplify your JOY and use of your personal gifts and talents.

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It takes 21 days to break or develop a habit, and 90 days to turn that habit into a lifestyle.  Led by industry experts, our fun monthly challenges and  group accountability prompts are a fun and creative way to build positive and intentional habits grounded in JOY! 

These habits are founded on taking small actions that lead to more FREEDOM and spaciousness in your day-to-day activities and  monumental shifts in EVERY area of your life. 

Participants Share Their Favorite Parts & Results!


“Erica is so incredibly thoughtful and charismatic in general, but her way of guiding us confused souls on the path to intention and purpose is nothing short of incredible.


I was actually recommended to the course by a dear friend that did it with me and all of the materials provided prepared us for success. I learned so much about myself, my intentions and the reasons behind my own blocks. 


Erica even keeps up with you ... it's so nice to meet someone as committed to your JOY as we all should be. A literal investment in your happiness and alignment!! I hope Erica nothing but the best as she continues to thrive and show us a thing or two about what living with purpose on purpose looks like :) 10/10


I am so happy I signed up for the Early Riser Challenge! Doing the challenge helped me prioritize getting a good night’s rest so I could have the fuel to get up early and workout or knock out work. Definitely makes me feel so accomplished and is an excellent start to my day. I can’t wait for more challenges!


I truly enjoyed the Early Ris3r challenge. Erica does a great job of keeping it fun and honest. She shows her humanness which helps you to feel like no one is judging you and you’re in this together. I will do another challenge because I am working on me. Thanks Erica for creating this space for us.


Though I was not very active with the daily challenges, reading through them and taking the lessons from them has been my favorite part of the challenge. They really helped change my perspective.

Interacting with the other participants.  


It was great to know that there was a team of women supporting, praying for and lifting each other daily. Erica was born to do this! Her energy and honesty in this process was a major inspiration. Seeing her pave her own path inspires me to act boldly and consciously for the benefit of my future.

Just because you don't know where to start, doesn't mean you shouldn't start!


  • Need help developing positive and productive habits

  • You're looking for an accountability group to help with your goals

  • You're always caring for other and need help prioritizing yourself first

  • You're ready to start taking small steps towards your vision without being overwhelmed

  • You need creative ideas and inspiration for your business or personal projects

  • You want to develop a better relationship with your wellness: mental, physical, spiritual

  • You're looking to connect with genuinely fun, and supportive women (around the world)

  • You need a place to share your challenges (or vent!) without judgement, in order to gain solutions

  • You're ready to level up your JOY (and productivity) while living in your purpose