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This bundle has been put together specifically for mothers; pulling from different parts of the 3-Step JOYrney to Purpose™ program to put you on a path of transformation, wellness and FREEDOM. Why? Because as a mom you wear a lot of hats, but know this... you can't be good for anyone else, if you aren't first good to yourself. 


This E-Bundle is the first step to putting you on the path of your JOYrney To Purpose™. How? By first helping you first learn how rediscover the most free and authentic version of yourself by teaching you how to unlock your JOY!  Throughout this bundle you will receive tips, strategies, and tools to help you plug this newfound JOY into your daily routines so that you are then able to focus on the task of living in your purpose – while also managing the growth and development of your tiny humans as they discover theirs! The bonus: with these strategies in place you will be able to attain peace and wholeness in yourself, no matter the situations or the circumstances you are facing.


What's Included: 

  • 4 Digital Guides & Workbooks with Printable Sheets
  • Accompanying Videos with Guided Exercises
  • Over 60 pages  with over  150+ ways to start integrating more JOY (and "you" time) into your motherhood journey daily

Motherhood In JOY!

  • All content is copywritten and owned by Erica Lasan.  By purchasing this product you areagreeing not to re-produce, re-purpose, or take the information gained here to sell for profit as your own.

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