About JOYrney To Purpose

It all started with an accidental hobby (handmade jewelry) and a simple tagline "live rich."  Now almost two decades later, what God started as an activity to occupy summer vacations has turned into a full-fledged movement.

Hi! My name is Erica.  I'm a JOY Strategist, Multi-Passionate Creative, Stay-At-Home Mom, Wife, and the Founder of the Live Rich Movement.

The Live Rich Movement is community of  people living lives on fire and RICH in Purpose, Faith, Passion, Creativity, and JOY!  Why? Because the more you live in your JOY and your purpose, the more you're able to access FREEDOM!  Freedom from the mess of the world we live in, freedom from past traumas that keep you bound, and freedom from the expectations others so you can live in the calling that was placed on your life when you were created.

Living RICH is not about having all the money in the world – though I wish that for you all as well – but it's about gaining an abundance of peace so that you can ride the wave of life with smiles no matter what's happening around you. 

The moment you are able to access freedom in your JOY (through purpose) you will able to bless others in a way that flows effortlessly and with abundant joy that radiates!  Start living a life doing less of what you "have to do," and more of what you WANT to do.  So get started on your JOYrney to Purpose with The Joy Quest today!  The world is waiting!


I can't wait to JOYrney with you!



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