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Dec 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

DECEMBER 2020 - Disappear December!


A Social Media Fast, Self-Branding, and Productivity Challenge in JOY! These days it’s easy to think that if you’re not on social media, you’re not doing anything with your life worth celebrating, right? Wrong! If you’re not online, odds are you’re living a present life uninfluenced by the pressure of digital highlight reels. Life is just WAITING for you to make the most of it – so let’s be intentional about it! That’s why this month’s challenge is aimed at taking time away from the distractions that keep us from living productively and joyfully in our purpose (like social media, television, and video games) – and reinvesting that time to define, focus, map out, and visualize goals for the upcoming year. It also serves as a branding challenge for anyone who has an idea, business, or project they've been looking to get off the ground. We’ll be taking clear steps to define the blueprint, business, and brand of YOU! By the end of this 21-day accountability challenge you will have defined clear intentions, purpose, and vision for yourself and your mission moving forward! Remember, the more participants, the merrier – and the bigger the pot and CASH PRIZE winnings! ;-P So grab a friend, and get ready to transform in JOY - one feel good thing at a time. The Disappear December Challenge starts Tuesday, December 1st!

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