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Mar 1, 2021 - Mar 22, 2021

MARCH 2021 - Celebrate Eve


March is the National Women's Month and so we’re going to be celebrating the passion, purpose, and power of Women! The March 2021 LRM Challenge is the Celebrate Eve Challenge. This challenge is one dedicated to finding JOY and celebrating the women in our lives, women who have made historical impacts on society and the world at large… but most importantly, this challenge is a celebration of YOU as a woman. This challenge has been created to help you reconnect, rediscover, and realign with the JOYs of womanhood because let’s face it – being a woman is HARD. Mental fatigue is real, and you are not alone. Being nurturing is wonderful, but when was the last time you nurtured yourself? This 21-day accountability challenge has been created to embrace the joys of what it means to be a woman while reframing mindsets around some of the challenges so you can tackle them with more JOY everyday!

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