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Heart Of The Matter: Content Creation For Newbies

  • Create content that aligns with your brand, your message, and your mission with JOY!

  • Get unstuck, have fun, and take the "work" out of the content creation process

  • Showcase your personality, amplify your voice, and engage your audience

Creating Content Should be FUN!
Following your JOY makes the process enjoyable and effortless

  • Content should be authentic to who you are and organic to what you do

  • Content doesn't have to be hard


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What's Included In This 6-Week Workshop?

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Why This Program:

  • EVERYTHING you need to get started making content

  • Resources so you don’t have to spend hours researching the best tools/equipment

  • Takes you from A to Z in a bite-sized way to get you started making content without being  overwhelmed

  • Slow and steady wins the race… you want something built to last

  • What's included in this program?

    • Worksheets 

    • Interactive videos

    • Weekly LIVE Calls

  • What can I expect to gain from this course 

    • Self-paced so you can work through it on your own time

    • How to create content with JOY and ease and in a non-draining way

    • How to find your audience organically

    • Creating content that serves your audience (and keeps them coming back for more!)

    • How to plan your content

    • Tools to help you in the process with the bare minimum (Fancy equipment is NOT NEEDED!) 

    • And more!

What Past Students Have To Say:

“Erica has a special ability to create enthusiasm to create the life you strive for.  I just want to tell you how much I’ve gotten out of your fb webinars. You’re the best!

Seriously...You’re very talented in what you do.  I’ve narrowed down two areas to pursue, and it is largely due to your guidance. "

— Ann C.

“I truly enjoyed working with Erica. This program was truly eye opening for me. It brought back some things from childhood that were a bit to work through. Participating in this program has also helped me to start doing the work daily to achieve my goals. This program was created at the right time and I’m so thankful to God for all that I’ve learned through this process.”

— Nakia W.

“Erica is an awesome visionary with a penchant for realistic and profitable ideas. Her vibrant energy is contagious and will completely rub off on you! Hearing the excitement in her voice while she talked through her ideas for my business, totally got me energized and ready to take off. She will definitely be one of the first people I reach out to when I am in need of new and fresh ideas for my businesses.”

— Daylene M.

Meet Your Instructor,

Erica Lasan

There’s no such thing as coincidence.

We’ve connected for a reason.  I'm guessing it’s because, like me, you desire to live a live that inspires and invigorates you – not one that drains you.  You also hope that at a long and beautiful life, you'll be able to look back on a life well lived, full of smiles/laughter, and with a feeling of freedom.


But more importantly, you want to know (and feel) like your life means something.  Because it does.  You're on this planet with a divine purpose.  And while you're at it,  you probably want to create awesome and meaningful memories with the people who you love and cherish most. 

I work with people in transitional phases because it’s an experience that I know all too well.  Trying to figure out “what’s next,” while trying to keeping a smile on your face and your spirit up – but inside you feel depressed and unsure of how to prepare for major changes around the corner. I know what it’s like to feel stuck and hopeless — trying to live up to the expectations of society, the cultural traditions, or norms that others have set up for you.  ...while feeling like you could afford to be happier and more fulfilled.


I know what it’s like to be doing “a lot of things,” (that are celebrated by others around you) but still feeling empty and like you’re doing a lot of nothing.  This is what happens when you don’t have clarity, or the sense of direction that inevitably comes with a purpose-filled life.  Living a purpose-filled  life isn't just doing what you're passionate about – but living according to what you were created to do.

People often comment on my “amazing energy,” uplifting spirit, and ability to find the “sunny side of every situation.”  While this may be the case now, my ability to find joy and peace (even in the hard times)  is a result of finding my way through many tough “transitional phases” of my own.  Of the many transitions I’ve experienced in my life, three in particular caused me to go on a soul search that shifted the trajectory of my life and put me on the path of discovering my true purpose:

  1. When I graduated from college in 2009 (smack dab in the middle of a recession) and I couldn’t find a job

  2. When I found out that I was pregnant with our daughter 

  3. Again, when I found out that I was pregnant again (just 16-months later) with our son 

In each of these instances I cried for days.  Not completely understanding why.  Well after doing a lot of internal work and soul searching I came to realize that it wasn't: because I didn’t want to be a mother, or because I never felt like I would get a job – but because I felt “stuck” in my own life.  I knew that my mission went beyond attaining the "goal" of being a  wife, mother, and "good woman."  There was so much more that I felt called to do, but I couldn’t see past the moment I was in, or beyond the circumstances outside of my control.  I didn’t know what was next. 

With each of the transitional phases  (mentioned above) I thought I'd have to put the best parts of myself up on a shelf, and my dreams on hold in order to do life "right." But who decided what's right anyway?  YOU Do!  So I decided to lean into my JOY and pursing a life that felt good - my way! 

I graduated during a recession.  I was an unemployed college graduate with tons of student loan debt, with big dreams, and a desire to make a difference.  No one was hiring, and they certainly weren't paying big bucks.  So when I realized that no one was willing to take a chance on me, I figured I'd get comfortable with being uncomfortable, try some new things, use my gifts/talents, and have some fun!  


I've always studied what makes "successful people successful," and I always wanted to be an on-air host.  So one day (with no experience) I picked up a camera and started interviewing complete strangers on the streets of New York City.  Little did I know just how much this seemingly "random" part of my JOYrney  (during an "unsuccessful" season of my life) would be a catalyst for discovering my purpose. 


I spent the next 6 years learning new ways to harness my gifts and manifest my creative vision – creating content, and conducting countless interviews (with celebrities and everyday people alike).  I was receiving self-prompted on-the-job training in my purpose: fostering relationships, actively listening to the dreams and desires of people and the struggles they were encountering, and then coming up with on-the-spot solutions to shift them into action. 


Eventually my hustle was noticed, and it led to opportunities to work with EBONY Magazine, Juicy Magazine, Black & Sexy TV,, and a number of brands.    Now as a JOY Strategist,  Creative Consultant, and Speaker, I help individuals and organizations align themselves with JOY-led vision!  Through my workshops and presentations I teach attendees how to leverage their gifts, build community , and harness the power of their purpose – all while amplifying JOY across their lives, their relationships, and in their environments.


Now in my role as a JOY Strategist (and multi-passionate creative):

I'm able to mom my way (#SAHMLife)

Have 2 AWESOME kids , a wonderful husband, and a home full of laughter and smiles all the time

Now I'm also able to live FULLY in ALL of my gifts and experiences


Can We Say #Winning?

Now, I Want To Help You…

Today, I help other women and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, overworked, and "over it".  With this, I guide them in developing creative solutions and outline systems to ride the wave to "what's next" in JOY – ONE "feel good" thing at a time.   I call the process a #JOYrneyToPurpose™. 

The next phase of your life is a blank palette  waiting to become a masterpiece; so break out your best art supplies, lean into what feels good and let’s get creative!

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