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JOYrney Daily™ Planner

Curious about how to use your Planner?

Watch the video below to learn how JOYrney Daily™ can help you prioritize your well-being as you increase your JOY!

Congrats, you've bought into an experience, a community, and a support circle of accountability partners and cheerleaders rooting you towards your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Take A Look Inside...


  • Beautiful - Pretty to look at, with vibrant colorful pages

  • Intuitive - Gives room for self-reflection as well as planning

  • Compact - Made to fit comfortably in your backpack/purse.  The planner is not bulky or heavy so you can take your JOYrney™ with you in your busy lifestyle!

  • Sturdy - Hardcover and stitch binding so it's durable and can last throughout your daily adventures, within your bag, and among your (many) things!

Don't have a planner yet?

Participants Share Their Favorite Parts & Results!


“Erica is so incredibly thoughtful and charismatic in general, but her way of guiding us confused souls on the path to intention and purpose is nothing short of incredible.


I was actually recommended to the course by a dear friend that did it with me and all of the materials provided prepared us for success. I learned so much about myself, my intentions and the reasons behind my own blocks. 


Erica even keeps up with you ... it's so nice to meet someone as committed to your JOY as we all should be. A literal investment in your happiness and alignment!! I hope Erica nothing but the best as she continues to thrive and show us a thing or two about what living with purpose on purpose looks like :) 10/10

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